Monthly Archives: March 2015

Fiberglass reinforced polyester cooling tower erected in record time

At the beginning of 2014 we received the order for the construction of a FRP cooling tower for the new Praxair air separation plant in Antwerp. The cooling tower for a water flow rate of 3.735 m³/h consists of three cells with a total plot area of 12 by 28,8 meters. The film cooling fill, the drift eliminator and the louvers are from flame resistant polypropylene. The noise emissions are limited using impingement baffles and low-noise, low-speed fan impellers.

The erection was performed in a record time of seven weeks only including interruptions due to bad weather and was finished in the first week of February 2015.

Our SCC certified erection personnel performed the installation works under strict construction safety rules as required in the chemical industry. The cooperation with the site management and other companies working on this site was at all times exemplary and without any problems.

The commissioning in autumn 2015 will prove the performance and quality in design and workmanship.

Here you can find photos of the project.