Monthly Archives: January 2016

Ruhrkühlturm wins the order for two big projects at the Persian Gulf.

In June 2015 we received the order for the construction of two concrete cooling towers for a phenol and a chemical plant nearby Dubai at the Gulf of Persia.

The bigger cooling tower is designed for a recirculation water flow rate of 30.000 m3/hr, consists of 10 cells and has a plot size of 73 m x 30 m. The design flow rate of the second cooling tower is 14.000 m3/hr and is distributed onto 4 cells with a total plot size of 60 m x 15 m.

Our scope of services comprises the complete engineering including the civil engineering of the concrete cooling tower structures, cold water basins including pump pits and foundations. The scope of supply consists of the 28 ft axial fans with the explosion protected 160 kW fan drives, the film type fill and the water distribution systems. We will supervise the erection works as required. The commissioning is scheduled for 2017.

These projects will allow us to expand further into the Persian Gulf region with its high potentials.

Happy New Year!

Another successful year comes to an end.

Our team hopes that you have spent a harmonious and peaceful holiday season with your family and we wish you a Happy New Year!

We thank you for the extraordinary cooperation in 2015 and wish to build on this in order to have many more successful projects in the new year. We are looking forward to working with you.

Happy New Year!

Cooling Towers in Belarus are in Operation

In April 2013 we received the order for the supply of two cooling towers for the rolling mill of the steel mill of BMZ – Byelorussian Metal Works – in Zhlobin/Belarus from Danieli/Italy. Each cooling tower consists of three cells and has inner hot dip galvanized frameworks, roofs from anti-slippery sanded fiberglass reinforced polyester panels, fiberglass polyester wall panels, polypropylene film fills and 10 ft / 3060 mm fan units.

The material was delivered at the beginning of 2014. At the end of 2014, the cooling towers were finally erected and are now in operation.

The cooling towers were erected by a local company only by means of our detailed erection instructions and drawings. The site supervisor of the client: “The erection was performed without any major problems and we are very satisfied with the cooling towers.”

At present, a further cooling tower of the same model range is erected in the melt shop of the BMZ steel mill, in this case with an fiberglass polyester structural framework. The same erection company is completing this work. We are confident that we are going to obtain the same satisfactory results.

Here you can find photos of the project.

Ruhrkühlturm at Conference Compact MM Trade in Belgrade

On April 17th, we were present at the “Conference Compact MM Trade” in Belgrade for the first time. We could make new, exciting contacts with international visitors from oil refineries, petrochemical and chemical industries, sugar factories and fertilizer plants. We had many interesting discussions with customers and suppliers and good starting points developped for future cooperations.

Our project manager, Ms. Mariana Cammarano was presenting our cooling tower technologies and running a workshop on cooling systems at this conference. She concludes: “There was a very good response and there is definitely a good chance for our products in this region”.

Our goal is to expand into the markets in Serbia and the neighbouring countries of Southeast Europe and operate a good partnership with Compact Monitoring Systems, who was the host of this conference.