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We wish you a good start into the New Year!

At the year’s end, during the client’s Christmas shut-down, we removed the old cooling tower and erected a new wooden cooling tower on the existing cold water basin. The new cooling tower in the melt shop in Wetzlar/Germany could be commissioned in time for the start of the production.

In this way, the old year ended busily for us and we start into a as well busy new year. At present we have orders for eight new cooling towers to be supplied or constructed within this year. In springtime, we will deliver and erect two package cooling towers in a cement plant in Geseke/Germany. Thereafter follows the extension of a stainless steel cooling tower in an air separation plant in Hamburg/Germany. In May, we will deliver six FRP cooling towers for a cement production plant in Saudi-Arabia. In July, the erection of a concrete cooling tower will start in a steel mill in Duisburg/Germany. The delivery of three concrete cooling towers for a steel mill in Indonesia is scheduled for October. The year will end with the delivery of two super-silent FRP cooling towers for the steel mill in Ijmuiden in The Netherlands.

In order to manage these demanding projects in a most reliable way, we will employ qualified personal additionally.

We are looking forward to successfully cooperating with you in this year and to tackle all larger and smaller problems together.

Ruhrkühlturm wins the order for two big projects at the Persian Gulf.

In June 2015 we received the order for the construction of two concrete cooling towers for a phenol and a chemical plant nearby Dubai at the Gulf of Persia.

The bigger cooling tower is designed for a recirculation water flow rate of 30.000 m3/hr, consists of 10 cells and has a plot size of 73 m x 30 m. The design flow rate of the second cooling tower is 14.000 m3/hr and is distributed onto 4 cells with a total plot size of 60 m x 15 m.

Our scope of services comprises the complete engineering including the civil engineering of the concrete cooling tower structures, cold water basins including pump pits and foundations. The scope of supply consists of the 28 ft axial fans with the explosion protected 160 kW fan drives, the film type fill and the water distribution systems. We will supervise the erection works as required. The commissioning is scheduled for 2017.

These projects will allow us to expand further into the Persian Gulf region with its high potentials.

Happy New Year!

Another successful year comes to an end.

Our team hopes that you have spent a harmonious and peaceful holiday season with your family and we wish you a Happy New Year!

We thank you for the extraordinary cooperation in 2015 and wish to build on this in order to have many more successful projects in the new year. We are looking forward to working with you.

Happy New Year!

Ruhrkühlturm at Conference Compact MM Trade in Belgrade

On April 17th, we were present at the “Conference Compact MM Trade” in Belgrade for the first time. We could make new, exciting contacts with international visitors from oil refineries, petrochemical and chemical industries, sugar factories and fertilizer plants. We had many interesting discussions with customers and suppliers and good starting points developped for future cooperations.

Our project manager, Ms. Mariana Cammarano was presenting our cooling tower technologies and running a workshop on cooling systems at this conference. She concludes: “There was a very good response and there is definitely a good chance for our products in this region”.

Our goal is to expand into the markets in Serbia and the neighbouring countries of Southeast Europe and operate a good partnership with Compact Monitoring Systems, who was the host of this conference.


Fiberglass reinforced polyester cooling tower erected in record time

At the beginning of 2014 we received the order for the construction of a FRP cooling tower for the new Praxair air separation plant in Antwerp. The cooling tower for a water flow rate of 3.735 m³/h consists of three cells with a total plot area of 12 by 28,8 meters. The film cooling fill, the drift eliminator and the louvers are from flame resistant polypropylene. The noise emissions are limited using impingement baffles and low-noise, low-speed fan impellers.

The erection was performed in a record time of seven weeks only including interruptions due to bad weather and was finished in the first week of February 2015.

Our SCC certified erection personnel performed the installation works under strict construction safety rules as required in the chemical industry. The cooperation with the site management and other companies working on this site was at all times exemplary and without any problems.

The commissioning in autumn 2015 will prove the performance and quality in design and workmanship.

Here you can find photos of the project.

Happy christmas

Christmas is around the corner and an eventful year comes to an end.

Our team is grateful for the trust and good cooperation this year. Together with you, we were able to successfully and efficiently finish many projects in Germany and abroad in 2014. Continue reading

Staff attends CAD training

We invest in our people!

We believe that every day provides various opportunities to educate yourself and improve your skills. But we like to promote the skills and expertise of our employees specifically. They are a long-term investment and required for successful projects, thus we rely on their expertise.

For some time now, we have only been constructing in 3D with AutoCAD Inventor. The work with this software is complex and demanding. It requires a continuous training to be able to use all the possibilities of the software.

Our staff members from the department of planning and construction took part in a CAD training. They could – even as old hands – deepen their knowledge. The results speak for themselves: The design workflow has been highly optimized by the practical application of new techniques.

Cooling capacity for the world’s biggest gas turbines

Siemens Power Generation, Berlin

Siemens operates a GEA cooling tower (year 1998) and a Ruhrkühlturm cooling tower (year 2011) at this location. It was noticeable that the GEA cooling tower had a much higher cold water temperature in comparison to the Ruhrkühlturm cooling tower. To meet the future demand for cooling power, Ruhrkühlturm was commissioned to optimize the performance of the GEA cooling tower with the aim of same cold water temperature as from the Ruhrkühlturm.

Ruhrkühlturm has developed a package of measures consisting of the replacement of cooling installation, optimization of water distribution between the two cooling towers and increase of the fan capacity by using more powerful engines and rebuilding the transmission at lower ratios.

The gas turbines are tested with the help of a special water brake and the resulting heat is cooled down in the cooling towers. We need to increase the cooling capacity in order to test the next generation of gas turbines. We are confident that Ruhrkühlturm will reach this goal.“
— Gerhard Jaron, responsible for the cooling water supply

We will report on further progress.