Bevel-spur gearboxes

We offer bevel-spur gearboxes especially designed for cooling tower application. Approved suppliers are Hansen/B, Siemens-Flender/D, Amarillo/USA and others.

The compact, powerful gearboxes meet all requirements for low maintenance, low energy consumption, long lifetimes and reliability. They are of solid, sturdy, precise and low noise design. The bevel-spur gearboxes have a safety factor of minimum 2,0 related to the actual output power and are designed for a starting moment of 250 percent and for continous operation. The ball and roller bearings have a calculated lifetime of minimum 50.000 operating hours.

The gears are slash lubricated with oil pumps for the lubrication of the upper bearings.
Backstops prevent the windmilling of the fans in standstill and thus excessive high motor starting currents. Optionally available holding brakes allow a safe maintenance works at the fan drives.