Company profile

Ruhrkühlturm is an internationally operating engineering and contracting company that is highly experienced with thermal design, detail engineering, project and site management. The company is a specialist provider of cooling tower services for all industries.

With a low overhead company structure, Ruhrkühlturm can offer and deliver fabrication,
maintenance and construction services at a highly competitive price. This combined
with our proven safety record, high standard of workmanship and extensive employee
experience means that Ruhrkühlturm consistently meets and exceeds our client’s requirements.

We are your competent and committed partner with more than 10 years’ experience in wet cooling. Our mission is to be a customer-driven service company with the objective to utilize our expertise on cooling towers to the best of our customers’ advantage.

We are committed to preserving nature and our environment; we use recyclable materials where possible, efficient mechanical equipment with low noise emissions, as well as water-saving drift eliminators and louvers.