Comparation of spray nozzles

We want to know exactly.

The nozzle performance is essential for proper operation of the cooling tower. We have reactivated our testing bench in order to optimize our spray nozzles and test a number of competing brands compared to our own models.

The results of testing our models D010 and D020 were very satisfactory. The distribution of water droplets is uniform. The most optimal results were obtained at pressures of 0.4 m H2O. The optimum operating pressure in the spray model D020 is in the range of 0.6 to 0.8 m H2O and spraying in an upward direction of the D010 model is between 1.0 m H2O to 1.4m H2O. Higher pressures do not improve the result of spraying. Depending on the height above the cooling fill, the area sprayed is about 1 m².a 1.2 m².

An interesting result has shown that the spray nozzle D020, which was initially developed to spray downward, at 1m H2O has an excellent spray pattern upward. The spraying upwards causes additional heat exchange due to increased interaction time of the droplets in the spray area of the cooling tower. This distribution system make easy access to water distribution pipes for inspection and maintaining, optimizing the efficiency of the drift eliminators.

Through a optimal water distribution system, it can achieve a smaller cooling tower with smaller power consumption and therefore less expensive.

This spray pattern, will be monitored in our next operation tower with a cell size of 77 m². After great results, our customers will appreciate significant cost advantages in new cooling towers.

Our spray nozzles need not fear compared to competitive products. We have found that competition nozzles lack uniform distribution. Instead, some results released nozzles with a higher pressure drop on the air side, resulting in a negative effect on cooling.

We will report on further progress