Field-erected mechanical draught cooling towers

Our field-erected mechanial draught cooling towers consist of heavy-duty industrial design from timber, concrete and pultruded fibreglass-reinforced polyester (FRP or GRP) frameworks, with splash fill for polluted cooling water or high-efficiency film cooling fill.

The mechanical draught cooling towers are custom-made, incorporating proven standard designs and solutions for structures, mechanical and hydraulic equipment, with an emphasis on high-economic value.

A multitude of cooling fills ranging from high performance film fills to low-clogging trickle and splash fills cover all applications. Drift eliminators with low pressure losses efficiently reduce water losses. The hot water is distributed evenly over the entire cooling fill area by efficient plastic pipe systems or maintenance-friendly flume sys-tems, with non-clogging, corrosion-resistant, cost-effective, easy-to-install, versatile nozzle systems that ensure an optimum water distribution and an optimum cooling efficiency. The induced or forced draught axial fans and fan drives are designed for optimum efficiencies and with adequate pressure and volume flow margins.