Natural draught cooling tower

For power plants and other industries with large cooling water demands, our natural draught cooling tower will enable owners to operate the cooling tower in all heat loads during winter and summer conditions easily and safely, incorporating features to minimise operational problems and facilitating easy maintenance, as well as a long lifespan.

The shells are shaped as hyperboloids and are built of reinforced concrete. The shells are designed using modern calculation methods and meet specifications for civil works. Circular or rectangular columns designed to transmit the vertical and horizontal forces to the foundations supporting the shells and are of precast or cast-in-situ rein-forced concrete.

The hot water distribution systems consist of risers with inlet gate valves, concrete main channels and plastic lateral pipe systems. The winter operation systems permit to operate the natural draught cooling towers even during coldest ambient temperatures by using zoning systems of the heat exchangers’ areas, bypass systems and winter pipes.