Each cooling tower consists of three cells and has inner hot dip galvanized frameworks, roofs from anti-slippery sanded fiberglass reinforced polyester panels, fiberglass polyester wall panels, polypropylene film fills and 10 ft / 3060 mm fan units.

FRP cooling tower of the new Praxair air separation plant in Antwerp for a cooling water flow rate of 3,735 m³/h.

Cooling tower for a flow rate of 5,000 m³/h with a precast concrete structure in the hot rolling mill of  Salzgitter Flachstahl.

Cooling towers in the Esisco steelmill in Egypt. The four concrete and two FRP cooling towers have a total capacity of 41,400 m³/h.

Timber cooling tower in the Messer air separation plant the the steelmill of Salzgitter Flachstahl for a cooling water flow rate of 2,500 m³/h.