Ruhrkühlturm wins the order for two big projects at the Persian Gulf.

In June 2015 we received the order for the construction of two concrete cooling towers for a phenol and a chemical plant nearby Dubai at the Gulf of Persia.

The bigger cooling tower is designed for a recirculation water flow rate of 30.000 m3/hr, consists of 10 cells and has a plot size of 73 m x 30 m. The design flow rate of the second cooling tower is 14.000 m3/hr and is distributed onto 4 cells with a total plot size of 60 m x 15 m.

Our scope of services comprises the complete engineering including the civil engineering of the concrete cooling tower structures, cold water basins including pump pits and foundations. The scope of supply consists of the 28 ft axial fans with the explosion protected 160 kW fan drives, the film type fill and the water distribution systems. We will supervise the erection works as required. The commissioning is scheduled for 2017.

These projects will allow us to expand further into the Persian Gulf region with its high potentials.