Spray nozzle D10

The Ruhrkühlturm Spray Nozzle is a corrosion-resistant, cost-effective, easy-to-install, versatile
nozzle system that offers multiple orifice options to optimize water distribution and cooling efficiency in counter flow cooling towers. The upward directed spray system contributes to heat rejection by means of increased spray dwell time, increased water surfaces exposed to air and full utilization of the fill. It offers an improved accessibility of the spray room and optimizes the drift eliminator efficiency.

The spray nozzle includes the nozzle body, the pipe adaptor with a choice of seal rings for various pipe diameters and a choice of different orifice inserts. Lightweight fiber reinforced polypropylene, which is serviceable at temperatures up to 80 °C, is used to manufacture the nozzle body.

Nozzle flow rates upto 17 m3/h
Required nozzle pressure from 1,0 to 2,0 mWC

The spray nozzles are compatible with GEA spray nozzles.