Standard package type cooling towers

Our full-plastic standard package type cooling towers product range consists of a type series from 0.6 m² to 36 m² plot area. The fibreglass-reinforced polyester material of the cooling tower shell is virtually corrosion-free, heat-resistant, almost indestructible, rapidly erected and economical.

The larger cooling tower models are constructed from pultruded FRP frameworks with fully walkable anti-slippery gritted fan decks fitted with railings around the entire periphery and have watertight casings made from corrugated FRP sheets. The fan units consist of the induced draught fans with adjustable blades in standstill, geared motor drives and hot dip galvanized fan unit supports with wire mesh guards. For inspections and maintenance easily removable louvers are provided which minimize the loss of water caused by blow-out through the air inlets reducing negative interference of the air flow and shade the cold water basin and reduce water splash noises.

Stainless steel and hot-dip galvanised steel structures are also available optionally.