Trickle grid cooling fill R20

Trickle Grid Fill is the popular choice for field-erected or package counterflow cooling towers. Can also be used in crossflow towers. For use in power, refining, chemical, steel, and food processing applications where water quality is poor. It is suitable for cooling waters with higher contents of suspended solids, oils and the like.

The cooling fill can by walked upon without temporary boards or the like, it will not be eroded from
the sprayed upon cooling water and it can be flushed with high pressure water jets.

Material PP, optionally flame-retardent
Channel width 20 mm
Channel inclination 20°
Block size 910 x 600 x 450 LxBxH (and special sizes)
Block weight 26 kg/m3
Max. solids content in the cooling water 300 ppm
Max. operation temperature 80 °C

Rieselgitter R20