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    The following data are required for the design of the cooling tower

    Please enter at least 3 values in any combination

    Heat load MW
    Cooling water flow rate m3/h
    Hot water temperature °C
    Cold water temperature °C

    Barometric pressure or mbar
    Site elevation above sea level m

    Please enter at least 2 values in any combination

    Wet bulb air temperature
    The wet-bulb temperature determines the cooling tower design. The wet-bulb temperature is the lowest air temperature that can be reached under current ambient conditions (ambient dry-bulb air temperature and relative humidity) by evaporation to full saturation.
    Ambient air temperature °C
    Relative humidity %

    Max. available plot area m x m
    Max. permissible sound power dB(A)

    Further informationen

    Are there any obstructions to the air flow, e.g. by adjacent buildings?

    Do you prefer materials of construction, e.g. concrete, fibreglass reinforced polyester, timber?

    Is a water analysis available? If yes, please enclose. Else, please describe, e.g. river water, polluted etc.

    Are there special site conditions, e.g. high wind speeds, seismic loads? Any other special requirements?

    Do you have further comments or messages for us?