Spare parts

These components described here are used in our own cooling towers and can be used as replacements in cooling towers of other makes.

In most cases, upgrades are made possible by the installation of modern, high-performance cooling fills, optimized water distributions and highly efficient fans and drives.

The performance upgrade of your cooling tower using our spare parts and components will be reliably calculated and will be guaranteed.

Provide for the worst case: Components like gearboxes, drive shafts and fan impellers are very durable and are no ‘wear parts’ but are not available from stock and have a longer delivery time. In case of failures the cooling tower performance will be seriously reduced and your production may be affected severely. Take care to have crucial spare parts on stock.

In emergencies you have our highest priority and we will do our best to supply the required spares as soon as possible.

Please use the enquiry form and get in touch.