Cooling capacity for the world’s biggest gas turbines

Siemens Power Generation, Berlin

Siemens operates a GEA cooling tower (year 1998) and a Ruhrkühlturm cooling tower (year 2011) at this location. It was noticeable that the GEA cooling tower had a much higher cold water temperature in comparison to the Ruhrkühlturm cooling tower. To meet the future demand for cooling power, Ruhrkühlturm was commissioned to optimize the performance of the GEA cooling tower with the aim of same cold water temperature as from the Ruhrkühlturm.

Ruhrkühlturm has developed a package of measures consisting of the replacement of cooling installation, optimization of water distribution between the two cooling towers and increase of the fan capacity by using more powerful engines and rebuilding the transmission at lower ratios.

The gas turbines are tested with the help of a special water brake and the resulting heat is cooled down in the cooling towers. We need to increase the cooling capacity in order to test the next generation of gas turbines. We are confident that Ruhrkühlturm will reach this goal.“
— Gerhard Jaron, responsible for the cooling water supply

We will report on further progress.